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Question Writer 4.2

Question Writer is a program which lets you create quizzes

Question Writer is a program which helps you create quizzes. It lets you put your quiz on a disc or on the web, you can export it to an Excel file or you can publish it as a PDF file.
Question Writer allows creating quizzes using many types of questions and taking advantage of a lot of functions. The installation is fast and the program is easy-to-use. Question Writer supports many types of questions, such as: multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, sequencing, and essay questions.

You can create a new quiz just by clicking the “New Quiz” button. Then, you can add different types of questions. For every question you can add an audio comment, a title, an image, a metadata or a score. You can organize your questions inside the quiz in any way you prefer.

You can also use the available templates and create a quiz in a very short time.

Question Writer is a good choice if you want to build a quiz. Every person can use it, since it's really easy-to-use and intuitive.

Gina Hoffman
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